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      TO COOK!

Our seafood is locally sourced and wild caught, thanks to a team of dedicated divers and fishermen located throughout the state of Florida - particularly right here in Sebastian.

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We've taken pride in providing our customers with the best possible product around for over 25 years, not only harvesting from our local waters but also processing everything right here at Crab-E-Bills thanks to our experienced and knowledgeable staff. 

Fresh, wild-caught seafood is always the best! There's no better option on the Treasure Coast.

Local Products Include

Snapper - Grouper - Mahi - Hogfish - Flounder

Cobia - Pompano - Wahoo - Sheepshead - Triggerfish

Big Eye Tuna - Apalachicola Oysters

Florida Shrimp & Lobster

Clams directly from Florida waters.

Fresh Northern Fish (Shipped Overnight)

Cod - Haddock - Grey Sole - Halibut

Live Maine Lobster - Soft-Shelled Steamer Clams

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